The awards might come in our name, but they belong to you! Thank you for helping us achieve the impossible

Our Awards

Check out some of the Access Bank Group's awards for the last 5 years:


  1. Marketing World Awards 2019 - Financial Brand of the Year 
  2. Federal Government Award of Excellence - Outstanding MSME Clinics partners 
  3. Winner of the 2019 Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards - Outstanding Business Sustainability Achievement
  4. Women's Market Champion - Global Business Alliance (GBA)
  5. CEO Awards Forum- Gender Leader of the year
  6. World Finance Award for Best Digital Bank in Nigeria
  7. World Finance Award for Best Mobile App in Nigeria
  8. Ethical Boardroom Award for Best Corporate Governance, Financial Services, Africa


  1. Winner of the 2018 Most Responsible Business in Africa - SERAs.
  2. Winner of the 2018 Best Partnership for Development- SERAs.
  3. Global Banking and Finance Review Award 2018 - Best Bank Investor Relations.
  4. Outstanding Business Sustainability - Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards 2018
  5. Outstanding Sustainability Leader of the Year - Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards 2018
  6. Africa’s Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility – Euromoney Awards 2018
  7. Award for “Compliance, Excellence and Professionalism in Safety Standards at Workplaces” – The Lagos State Safety Commission Award.


  1. Sustainable Transaction of the Year (Oil and Gas Sector) - CBN Sustainability Awards 2017
  2. Sustainable Transaction of the Year (Agriculture) - CBN Sustainability Awards 2017
  3. Excellence in Women Economic Empowerment - CBN Sustainability Awards 2017
  4. Most Sustainable Bank Award - World Finance
  5. Corporate Achievement Award for Promoting Financial Literacy - Financial Literacy Excellence (FiLEX)
  6. Women’s Market Champion - Global Banking Alliance


  1. Best Bank of The Year Award - Business Day Awards 2016 - CIBN Awards
  2. Best Bank Academy - CIBN Awards
  3. 2016 Euromoney Best Bank Transformation Award
  4. The 2016 Karlsruhe Outstanding Business Sustainability Award
  5. African Banking Awards 2016 'Best Bank in Nigeria' - EMEA Finance
  6. African Banking Awards 2016 'Corporate Social Responsibility' (Pan-African) - EMEA Finance
  7. African Banking Awards 2016  'CEO of the year' (Pan-African) - EMEAFinance


  1. Excellence Recognition Awards (2015 Bank of the Year Access Bank Plc)
  2. National Union of Banks, Insurance & Financial Institutions Employees (Labour Friendly Award)
  3. ACAMS Nigeria Chapter (Outstanding contribution to anti-money laundering/combating the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) Regime in Nigeria)
  4. Businessday Top 100 Most Respected companies in Nigeria 2015
  5. Banker Africa - West Africa Awards (2015 Best Corporate Bank)