Private Segment

Private Segment
As a customer of the Access Private Bank segment, we aim to ensure that you receive all the assistance you need from your private client manager.
We work with you by offering you personalized financial advice on managing your assets and financing strategies to ensure that you achieve your goals. This process is performed by providing:

  1. Concise and relevant information on investment opportunities that are in line with your needs and objectives;
  2. Empathy and care for the client's interests;
  3. We treat your interests as our own;
  4. Confidentiality guaranteed as an integral part of our services;
  5. This allows us to provide a service that perfectly and flawlessly fits your investment and lifestyle requirements.

About Access Private Bank

We help you identify the right financial strategy and deliver the products you and your family need today and in the future.
Our mission is to help you achieve all of your financial goals, prudently balancing your investment needs. We have a relentless focus on performance and a deep desire to establish the highest standards of service in our sector.

Access Bank is one of the banks in Mozambique, with an international presence, which ensures that you have full access to all the experience necessary to manage your funds, offering competitive global banking services and as a global private African bank, we understand it in a way that no one else understands.

Our strength and our heritage are the African continent.
Welcome to Access Private Bank.