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Trade Finance

Documentary credit
Have your international transactions guaranteed with Access Bank documentary credit. With this facility, you can have your transactions involving transport and payment of goods across borders, assured by the Bank.

1. Documentary Import Credit
Please replace with the following: A Commercial Financing transaction in which Access Bank makes payments on behalf of its client to third parties or authorizes such payment to be made. This operation ensures security in foreign trade transactions and allows the consolidation of new business relationships.

2. Documentary export credit
This service offers a greater security in international commercial transactions by reducing the risk of non-repayment of services or goods by our client .Here Access Bank assumes the payment guarantee , by confirming  the letter of credit upon presentation of required documents.

Documentary shipments
This is a payment method in which specific instructions accompanied by commercial documents are sent from the exporter’s Bank to the importer’s Bank. In this operation Access Bank receives and executes the instructions sent by the issuer (which may be the submission of commercial documents to the importer against prompt payment or payment on a future date agreed).

Features and benefits
Mainly used by parties with a long-standing relationship or related entities;
• The commercial documents of the merchandise are made available upon acceptance of the payment instruction (payable immediately or at a future date);
• Payment is made only after dispatch of goods;
• It is operated under guidelines of the uniform rules for collection, ICC, publication nº 522;
• Affordable method for making international trade payments, which can be adjusted to the needs and financial conditions of our customers.

Bank guarantee
The Bank guarantee is a type of credit by signature, through which Access Bank guarantees the fulfilment of its customer's obligation to a third party (beneficiary), through a contract.