Investment Loan


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Investment Credit

An investment loan to support companies with possible needs of equipment acquisition or other tangible assets that are crucial to their activity.  

Features and Benefits

  1. Periodicity that adjusts to customer’s cash flow.
  2. Attractive interest rates.

Ficha Técnica 

Authorized Overdraft

With the immediate disposal of the negotiated limit, you can the authorized overdraft at any time and whenever you need it, through Current Account normal transaction.

  1. Tenor: Min. 6 months, Max. 12 Months (renewable)
  2. Customer can access and use the amount through Bank’s remote channels (Checks, Cards, Internet & Mobile Banking)
  3. Please keep the information
  4. Commissions according to Bank’s pricing

  1. Free financial advisory services
  2. Access to a financing line with amounts, rates and negotiable terms according to the client's needs
  3. Access to financing statements with frequency required by client
  4. Easy amortization of capital
  5. Available in foreign currency (ZAR, USD and EUR)

Ficha Técnica