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Informed and alert consumers help defend against payment fraud. Access Bank and its partner card schemes (Interswitch, Visa, Valucard) will never send an email requesting confidential information, such as account numbers, passwords, PIN numbers, credit card numbers or social security numbers.
Protect yourself from fraudulent e-mails (phishing) that claim to belong to a credit card company, bank website or any other website to that effect. Delete email or SMS requesting this type of personal information. If you suspect that you have provided confidential information to a website or fraudulent individual, please contact the customer service number on the back of your card or on your account statement.

You can report fraud by email claiming to belong to any of our partner card schemes by forwarding the suspicious message to:
Card security tips:

  1. Never write down your personal identification number (PIN), memorize it;
  2. Never disclose your PIN numbers to anyone;
  3. When selecting a PIN, do not choose numbers and letters that can be easily identified. Avoid using initials, phone numbers or dates of birth;
  4. Be sure to sign your card on the subscription panel as soon as you receive it;
  5. Record card account numbers and phone numbers to report lost or stolen cards. Keep this list in a safe place;
  6. Check that your card is returned after each purchase;
  7. Never provide card numbers over the phone, unless you have initiated the call;
  8. Always check the value of the transaction before signing the sales receipt;
  9. Always check sales receipts to verify that the amount on the copy of the customer's receipt matches the amount recorded on the merchant's copy;
  10. Find out who has access to your cards;
  11. Do not leave the cards in your car's glove compartment;
  12. Report lost or stolen cards to your issuing bank immediately;
  13. Report suspicious activity to your issuing bank;
  14. Do not use your card to make online purchases on websites that are unsure of your security;
  15. Some of these sites do not require your PIN for payments to be made to your account;
  16. Where it is a fraudulent website, your card details can be used to make online purchases;
  17. Sign up for VbyV to minimize the risk of fraud;
  18. Your card is just as important as your PIN.

Online safety tips

  1. Keep usernames and passwords secret;
  2. Use the latest version of the browser software and verify that the computer's operating system software is up to date;
  3. Use only secure Internet browsers that allow secure data transmission;
  4. Identify security tips, such as the 'closed lock' icon at the bottom of the browser or a URL that begins with https: //. These signs indicate that only you and the merchant can view payment information;
  5. Just provide your card details when you initiate a purchase;
  6. Keep a record of transactions and carefully review monthly statements;
  7. Before making a purchase, check the website's shipping and return policies to ensure that items can be returned if they are not in satisfactory condition;
  8. Never respond to an email request for personal or account information, even if it appears to be from a trusted source.

ATM security tips

  1. Be aware of your environment, if the machine is poorly lit or in an isolated area, use another ATM;
  2. Lock car doors and open windows when using drive-through ATMs;
  3. Do not leave keys or valuables in the car when using an ATM;
  4. Have your card in hand to avoid opening your purse or wallet;
  5. Make sure that no one around sees your PIN or the amount of the transaction;
  6. Do not count the money while you are at an ATM, keep it together with the card and receipt immediately;
  7. After completing a transaction, remember to take the card and record of the transaction, do not leave your receipt behind. Check with your monthly statements;
  8. If your card gets stuck at the ATM, be wary of someone offering help, even if it appears to be a bank security officer. Do not accept help from strangers;
  9. Do not ask strangers to help you make withdrawals with your card;
  10. Do not give your PIN to a stranger to help you;
  11. Protect your card and PIN.

Email Fraud
Did you receive an email requesting your token, PIN or bank details on the Internet? Do not reply to the mail, as Access Bank will not ask for this confidential information. Instead, forward the email to the contact center email address:

Be security conscious

  1. Confirm your account balance by receiving a credit alert before releasing goods;
  2. Do not reply to any e-mail asking for your personal data, such as account number, card details, token and PIN;
  3. Access Bank will not request this personal information by post or telephone;
  4. Internet Banking sites.

Be aware that fraudsters can gain access to your email account and therefore have access to your sensitive and confidential information.
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Fraud Alert
Access Bank would not require sensitive and confidential information from its customer. Information such as token, password, full card details and PINs are private to the customer and would not be requested by Access Bank by email or phone.
Some of the features of a genuine Access Bank online page are listed below:

  1. The address field is;
  2. Next to the customer login, there is an icon like a lock;
  3. When entering your username and clicking on send, you will be asked to enter your password and verify your secure image;
  4. Your secure image is the image you selected when you registered with the online banking platform;
  5. Your token is only needed when you are transferring to a third party at Access Bank or to other bank customers.

Travel Safety Tips
Before taking a trip:

  1. Contact your card issuing bank and inform them that you are traveling so that they do not consider suspicious transactions;
  2. Check your cards' expiration dates to ensure they don't expire during your trip;
  3. Check the amount of credit available during the trip and your account balance, if you plan to use your debit card;
  4. Banks have restrictions on daily withdrawals that apply even when abroad;
  5.  Check with them to find out how much you can lift daily. If you use ATMs / cash points and cover major expenses, such as hotels, in your