Corporate Sector

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Corporate        Corporate Sector

Corporate Sector


The wealth of experience of the group's telecommunications team spans more than 20 years. We provide world-class financial and advisory services to leading industry institutions.
We are fully familiar with the competitiveness of our clients' sector, so we understand the various needs they may present and in this way we seek to provide customized solutions for their needs.

Oil and Gas

The Access Bank Plc group, has a significant presence in the oil and gas industry, influenced by its deep knowledge and experience in the sector. Our in-depth involvement in the entire oil and gas value chain boosts our position in the market, which also benefits our customers.

Our team provides robust banking services to top local and multinational companies involved in mining activities.
Financial Institution
We provide the best class in customer management services and financial products to meet the needs of different financial institutions, in the insurance, banking, pension funds, trustees, asset management and investment services sectors.
Trade & general trade
From general trade, to import and export services, the commercial division of Access Bank, supports trade activities in various sectors, such as: agriculture, automobiles, goods, chemicals, textiles, electronics and household items.
We provide a wide range of customized solutions to meet the specific and dynamic business needs of each sector.

Hospitality and lifestyle
The Hotel Industry contains a wide category of fields in the service sector which includes: lodging, restoration,   event planning, travel, transportation and others. Our focus is to support a sustainable growth of this sector with practical, sustainable and innovative solution.

Public sector
Our offerings focus on the relationship with the state and the government, including ministries and state institutions. We have a specialized group to meet the needs of the public sector that anchors relations with the local government.

Cement and logistics

Access Bank's cement and logistics team is committed to supporting and serving manufacturers with a focus on cement production and distribution, as well as all participants in the maritime sector. We pride ourselves on being the bank that supports the widest range of players in the cement and logistics industry, including manufacturers, distributors, sub-distributors, retailers, corporate buyers, ship owners and suppliers.
Fast consumer goods

The management team of the fast consumer goods sector, supports the main conglomerates, multinationals and local companies involved in the production of consumer goods such as: drinks, packaged and processed foods, and others related to flour milling, sugar refining, production of confectionery foods, dairy products, water, among others. Our team of client managers is endowed with the necessary experience and knowledge related to the sector, to add value to our clients' operations.

Value chain management

The value chain management group was designed with the vision of offering a one-stop shop for all of our companies and their entire business chain.
It is an initiative that seeks to ensure a competitive structure for capturing the various business opportunities around the bank's main customers, being: manufacturing companies, main distributors / resellers / business partners, sub-resellers, suppliers, employees, government and owners companies. Find our value proposition for the sector:
  1. Access to dedicated and specialized customer managers;
  2. Manufacturing industry;
  3. Business consultancy services;
  4. Structured financing;
  5. Bank bonds and guarantees;
  6. Working capital and asset financing;
  7. Invoice discount;
  8. Agribusiness.
Contractors & Construction
We provide short and long term financing, as well as consultancy services based on our experience in the sector.
Our client focus is on areas related to general construction, construction and civil engineering, oilfield engineering and general contracts with added value support for contractors that provide services to public and private companies. We develop standardized credit and product programs to support our offerings and meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Business of Chinese interest
Find our value proposition for the Chinese investment sector:
  1. Dedicated and specialized customer managers;
  2. Structured financing;
  3. Bank bonds and guarantees;
  4. Working capital and asset financing;
  5. Invoice discounts.
  6. Transport and logistics
  7. Our focus for this sector is on aviation, automobile, maritime transport, personal care, packaging and also on the manufacture of metals and construction materials. In order to meet the different needs of our customers, we have a team of dedicated and specialized managers in the various subsectors of activities in the area.
Represented as an important factor in reducing the incidence of poverty in Mozambique, the agricultural sector is of great relevance to the bank as part of its contribution to the country's economic growth. We bring a specialized team of managers that seeks to identify and support new business opportunities in the different agricultural sub-sectors in the country.
Our health sector team is committed to becoming the benchmark for supporting the vast network of companies and institutions related to the sector, from hospitals, clinics, suppliers, distributors, sub-distributors, etc. We seek to bring medium and long-term financial solutions that contribute to the growth, sophistication and expansion of the sector.
Our team is focused on working with the various educational institutions and associated service providers in the market. Access Bank is committed to supporting the expansion and development of the educational system, as well as the development of new market trends. Our objective is to add value in projects to improve schools, training centers and universities, through credit programs adjusted to the Mozambican market.
Our offers focus on the identification of growth opportunities for NGOs, so that they comply with their objectives and projects to help and improve the quality of life and social well-being of the population.
Access Bank brings a team dedicated to establishing partnerships with the government. We provide world-class financial services to support new business opportunities and strategic investments in government projects. We also seek to establish ourselves as the government's partner bank for the financial inclusion of the population, ensuring easy access to banking services.
With a robust and experienced team, Access Bank provides short, medium and long term financing solutions, as well as financial advisory services based on its experience in the sector. We direct our focus to energy production companies, distributors and sub-distributors, as well as to all participants connected to the sector.

Non-financial institutions
Access Bank seeks to consolidate partnerships with several areas, such as insurance companies, pledge houses, investment funds, exchange offices and others that can favor our participative position in the market and generate mutual benefits for the expansion and continuity of the business. .
Our offerings are focused on companies that provide intangible products and services, related to retail, transportation, distribution, real estate, food services, education, social assistance, computer services, recreation, media, communication, electricity and others. As one of the major contributors to the economy of many countries, we are concerned with establishing partnerships with companies associated with the sector, providing a wide range of financial solutions that can add value to them in the exercise of their activities.
Mobile Auto Mobile / Auto parts
Our focus is on companies involved in the development, marketing and sale of motor vehicles. Our aim is to work with manufacturers, car dealers, distributors, sub-distributors, corporate and retail buyers, suppliers and all participants in the auto industry.
 Our value proposition for the sector includes:
  1. Access to dedicated and specialized customer managers;
  2. Business consultancy services;
  3. Structured financing;
  4. Bank bonds and guarantees;
  5. Working capital and asset financing;
  6. Invoice discounts.