Our efforts towards the sustainable development have earned us both local and international recognition.

Our Credentials

In 2015, Access Bank was awarded a “Header In Sustainability” by the Global Health Business Coalition. Our sustainability efforts were also rewarded by Intercontinental Finance UK, as the Bank recently won the Most Sustainable Bank award, in Nigeria.

In 2016, he received the Karlsruhe Award from the European Organization for Sustainable Development. The award for excellence in sustainability in business was granted in recognition of the bank's great success in incorporating economic, social and environmental aspects in corporate strategy and business processes.

Access Bank was also awarded the World Finance Award as the Best Sustainable Bank, in recognition of the Bank's efforts and contribution to sustainability initiatives.

He also received the EMEA Finance Award - Corporate Social Responsibility Award in recognition of the bank's efforts in this area.

In addition to this award, the bank also won the CEO of the Year award and the Best Bank award (Nigeria). The best EuroMoney Africa Bank Transformation prize in 2016.