Dicas gerais de segurança

Os consumidores informados e alertas auxiliam na defesa contra as fraudes de pagamento.

General Security Tips

  1. Store your financial documents, credit cards, passwords and tokens in a safe place;
  2. Do not send personal or confidential information by email, as the channel is usually not secure;
  3. Report lost or stolen checks and debit / credit cards immediately;
  4. When selecting a personal identification number (PIN), do not use a number or word that appears in your wallet, such as name, date of birth or phone number;
  5. When shopping online, use secure websites. Look for secure transaction signs, such as a closed lock icon and "https: // ..." in the address bar;
  6. Do not immediately open email attachments or click on links, unsolicited or suspicious emails;
  7. Do not overdo social media by providing information used by the bank or customers;
  8. Review the privacy options of the social media platforms you have joined to understand how to limit the amount of information you share;
  9. Avoid storing your passwords or other confidential information on your computer, smartphone or in places where they can be discovered;
  10. When you are finished using platforms where you need to log in, always log off, don't just close the browser;
  11. Be careful who you provide your account details with, as they can sometimes be used to receive fraudulent entries without your knowledge or authorization;
  12. Be confidential with bank and card details on the internet;
  13. Check and monitor your accounts for any unusual activity;
  14. Access Bank will never send you an email containing a link that will take you directly to a web page where you provide your Access Online or Access mobile login details (username, password and token / PIN);
  15. Access Bank will never send a text message asking you to call a number or provide your card details (full PAN, CVV, Exp. Date, OTP / Token);
  16. End the call immediately if a caller is requesting confidential information. Fraudsters personify companies and may even pretend to be representatives of Access Bank;
  17. Report any suspicious behavior or activity to: contactcenter.moz@accessbankplc.com.

Elimination of documents

  1. Always use the shredding machine to dispose of unwanted documents, as incorrectly disposing of them can lead to the disclosure of vital information to the public or fraudsters;
  2. Torn documents can be easily gathered and confidential information made available to unauthorized persons;
  3. Do not disclose customer information to third parties, including employees who do not need that information;
  4. You have the privilege of having information about the customer and the bank; therefore, do not abuse or misuse;
  5. The information you are exposed to is for the benefit of the bank and its customers, ensure that you keep it confidential and at all times;
  6. If you received a new debit or credit card, cut and discard your old card;
  7. Ask for a shredding machine, if you don't have one.

Fraudulent mail fraud

  1. Did you receive an email requesting your token, PIN or bank details on the Internet?
  2. Do not reply to the mail, as Access Bank will not ask for this confidential information;
  3. Instead, forward the email to the contact center email address: contactcenter.moz@accessbankplc.com
  4. Be security conscious
  5. Confirm your account balance at the ATM or bank when receiving a credit alert before releasing goods;
  6. Do not reply to any e-mail asking for your personal data, such as account number, card details, token and PIN;
  7. Access Bank will not request this personal information by post or telephone.